From South Florida:

Wednesday, Nov. 9, 2022

Not sure exactly what is happening with Nicole, but we shouldn't do too bad. Currently forecast to be a Tropical Storm when it hits us. For those who care about this kind of thing, the center of the storm is expected to pass about 30 miles to the north of us. Expected rainfall totals have reduced to 4-6 inches, although it has been raining on and off through the night.

On a desktop computer, you should see video in the background, which is a live feed from our backyard. To the right is a map from And in the left is this text you are reading right now. If you can't read see this text, there's probably not much help for you anyway.

On a mobile device, everything is just stacked, so scroll down to see each of the mentioned sections.

NOTE: The video may not autoplay on some browsers or on a mobile phone/tablet. It's only 30FPS, so just refresh the page once every 1/30th of a second and you won't miss a minute of that gripping (gripless) action. Alternatively, you could click the [Bring Video to Front] button and solve the problem that way.

The weather conditions below are pulled from our backyard weather station. If it is telling you the weather is unavilalbe, that means the climatologists were right and climate change has destroyed my weather station. I might be able to get my money back, will have to check on the warranty. For the color blind out there, a blue value indicates it has decreased since the last measurement, a red value indicates it has increased since the previous. The information will automatically update every .

Thanks, Jeremy

Current Conditions:

Current Temperature is °F (Feels like °)
Dew Point is °F, Humidity is %
Wind is mph, gusting to mph
Barometric Pressure " and